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About Tapas Advisor

A spin-off of the so popular Burger Advisor. Obvious must Tapas have it´s own site as well. Here you will find/rate the absolute best tapas restaurants in Sweden. Environment, service....
We will try to limit and list about top5 in each city. Have you found a restaurant that should be here, email me!

The rating categories are:

  • Menu Selection – How much is there to choose from
  • Taste – VERY important category. The tasting experience of the tapas.
  • Presentation – You eat with your eyes, right? First impression always important. Plating is everything.
  • Environment – Cosy, noisy, relaxed
  • Service – well service….good service, bad service
  • Value for money – The tapas can be fantastic….but if it costs you a small fortune…
  • Paying process – Now what is this? Well nobody likes to wait for the bill for ever. The lunch break is a valuable time of day. We want to eat tapas, not waste our time on other things. Service can be good…but if there´s a long process to get out of there……here´s where you rate it.

Only honest real ratings will count. Only 10´s or 1´s is probably not realistic and will be treated as a fake(bot) and it will be blocked.

Now let´s eat….and rate!

Rickard Frejemyr, Tapas Advisor President